Friday, June 29, 2012

This Week's Haul...

I don't have a photo of this weeks haul because Ava worked one of her volunteer shifts and brought everything home with her at the end of the night and put it away...
We got new potatoes, kale, a bunch of carrots, a bunch of spring onions, snap peas, a bunch of japanese turnips, a head of red lettuce, some red and yellow plums, some cherries, raw milk havarti cheese, cream top yogurt, and a bonus unsalted butter and half and half from "Milk, Not Jails" who provide milk products to our CSA from Ronnybrook Farms. (We don't normally get the MNJ items but there were leftovers and they sold them to Ava for cheap).
I don't have any new meals planned for these yummy veggies this week, we had a (faux) chicken (faux) caesar salad using the lettuce and I have a stir fry planned for the carrots, turnips, snap peas and onions. The kale will be served steamed along side a baked ziti I have planned for this week. That just leaves the potatoes which I'll use in some future endeavor. My 3yo has already demolished the plums and cherries ;-) The havarti is going into sandwiches and the yogurt is making a couple smoothies for my daughter (who is obsessed with smoothies).

We're going away next week so our CSA share is being donated to a local food bank, so I'll return to my regular programming the following week... Enjoy your 4th of July!!

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