Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yellow Squash, Red Potato and Onion Pancakes!

I love those nights when you make a meal that has everyone coming back for third helpings, this is one of them.
Ingredients are:
3 medium yellow squash
2 small onions
4 medium red potatoes

They are super easy and SUPER delicious! I grate everything together in my food processor and then put it in a big mixing bowl and add flour slowly until it's a pancake consistency.

Then fry them up in a little oil.

Then dig in!


  1. In a regular food processor? I love that idea! Are they sliced or diced first? What kind of oil do you use? Did they splatter oil? Did you dip them in anything particular? What else was for dinner? Can I ask more questions?!?!

  2. Haha. Yes, a regular food processor with the grating blade in it, Just cut into pieces small enough to go down the chute into my food processor (so for the potatoes I cut them in half, the squash went in whole, long ways and the onions were cut in half). I used grapeseed oil, but you can use any oil that is able to reach frying temps... like coconut or even canola/vegetable oils. We dipped them in a bit of ketchup :-) Salad rounds out the meal. You can ask me almost anything... lol

  3. I forgot I commented here, oops. Lol. Okay so we only have a mini food processor, it only has the one blade it came with. I'm thinking that you must have a fancier one!! Tell me more about grapeseed oil! And do they taste like squash or mostly like potatoes? I don't know if I've ever eaten squash. :/ But I'm willing to try it!!

  4. I have a full sized food processor, it has two blade attachments, one of which is reversible. They don't taste like squash, they taste the same as regular potato onion pancakes to me. Grapeseed oil is good, no flavor added to the food, we have it in spray form and liquid form.